Ad management

Below you will find the ads as you ordered today and tomorrow, this applies to ads on of eCatalog, but not rally ads or banner ads.

Want to create an event ad go submenu item Event Management. Want to know more about ads veneer you this advertising from the menu at the bottom.

Your Event + ads

You have no active Event + ads associated with your profile. To order ads contact .

Safe placement of rally ad in front or on search pages (4 seats on the front and 4 on the search page) to ensure that the rally mini advertisement always placed in the top.

Ads are booked for the sport as it announced the rally address. Read more advertising . Annoncerne bookes for den sport som det annonceret stævne adressere.

Læs mere under annoncering.

Your eCatalog ads

You have no active eCatalog ads associated with your profile. To order ads contact . eCatalog is 's electronic catalog, which is issued as a email to registered user.

eCatalog ad: This is a banner (600x200 pixels) at the top of all eCatalogs for a month.

Icon ad: Your icon will appear in the left column along the announcement of events in eCatalog

Read more advertising .

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