Brøndby Cup 2012

Brøndby Cup Den bedste sportslige sommer cup i norden for piger og drenge, Elite og bredde.

Brøndby Cup 2012
The best youth tournament in Denmark

Brøndby IF has high expectations for the level at this year's Brondby Cup, who even now can describe one of the strongest ever. Great teams from Denmark participates with teams as FC Midtjylland, Vejle BK, FC Nordsjælland, Lyngby BK, AGF, OB and Brondby IF

Brondby Cup played at Brondby Stadium, which consists of 19 beautiful grass courts, which means that all matches are played at the same place. This is to create an intense atmosphere with no interruptions of travel between courts.

The accommodation is in walking distance of the stadium. There are shuttle buses for those staying farther away.

Group Play
The teams are divided into groups of 4 in each group where everyone meets everyone.

7-man squad:
U10 boys born after 1.1.2003
U11 boys born after 1.1.2002
U12 boys born after 1.1.2001

9-man squad:
U13 boys born after 1.1.2000
U13 girls born after 1.1.2000

11-man squad
U19 boys born after 1.1.1995
U17 boys born after 1.1.1997
U15 boys born after 1.1.1998
U14 boys born after 1.1.1999

11'mans elite tournament in the following categories

Girls Elite, 11-man squad:
U18 girls born after 1.1.1995
U15 girls born after 1.1.1998

Boys Elite, 11-man squad:
U15 boys born after 01.01.1998: 2 x 35 min
U14 boys born after 01.01.1999: 2 x 35 min
U13 boys born after 01.01.2000: 2 x 30 min

In the playoffs stretched it on all placements. This means that all teams play many games and getting opponents to match their level. Playoffs is played ad Wednesday and Thursday.

Age Exemption
Players who meet the minimum age conditions may participate in two age classes. There is age disp. for up to three players on each team. Exemption Applications must be submitted by 1 July. After tournament start will be no exemptions. All players will be able to present valid identification.
In all 11'manns can max used 16 players total per. match.
There will be a limited entry per. land pr. vintage; 2 to 3 layers, and the tournament reserves the right to consider whether a team has the level to participate in the elite class.

Team Fee: 1.750,- DKK per team.
Entry fee: 995,- DKK per player.

It includes:

• Accommodation at school (100 m from Brondby Stadium)• Access to premier league match at Brondby Stadium • 15 meals (starting with dinner Saturday ending with lunch Thursday) • Minimum 5 matches • Possibility of a training session every day. • Internet at school • 1 event T-shirt for each participant • 1. soccer with Brondby IFs major league players' autographs • 1 commemorative medal per player

Brondby Cup 2012, 28. July - 2. Aug.


Række Køn Niv. Hold
Pris Spilletidspunkt OK

Arrangør: Brøndby IF
Sted: Brøndby Stadion
Adresse: Brøndby Stadion 26
Postnr: 2605
By: Brøndby
Land: Danmark

Sport: Fodbold
Type: Udendørsstævne

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Frist: 01-07-2012

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